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Do you want to make some quick money ?
You don’t know, how to get started with ?

Then, you are at right place.

Today in this review i am going to tell you how to get started with Also, in this review of Adfly, i will share some great tips to make some quick money with it. And, at last i will share its latest payment proof of 2020, so, you can check its genuineness.

Before we get started with our Review, Let’s first understand what is ?

What Is ? is actually a URL shortener service. In more simple words, it’s a service which converts your long ugly looking URLs/Links into shorter pretty looking links. You may have seen some URL shorteners like or where you can short your links.

But What Makes Different From Them ?

Actually the above mentioned URL shorteners are non-paying URL shorteners. It means you will not get any money by shortening your links from them. But, in case of, you get paid for shortening your links. Isn’t it great ?

If you are new to URL shorteners then you may be wondering that why will pay you for shortening your links. So, it has a simple answer. When you short a link with a URL shortener then it actually works as a redirection service. While URL shorteners like or redirects your links instantly, makes your visitors to wait for 5 seconds before redirecting them to the destination page.

But, Why does make your visitors to wait for 5 seconds ? This doesn’t seem good, yes ?

It does that to make you some money from your links. As people want to see your content that you shared through a shorten link so they can bear this little wait. During that 5 second wait time, shows some ads to your visitors thus helps you to make some money out of your links. Now, it seems good ! Isn’t it ?

If you have still not understood the concept then just check the below example links. I have shorten a link with two URL shorteners, and Just click those links and see how this whole process works.

Don’t these links look better and shorter than our actual link ? Just click the above links and see the difference. If you are not able to click these links then simply copy these links and paste in your browser’s address bar to check them.

Now, i am assuming that you have understood what is Adfly and how it works ? So, it’s time move ahead. History: was launched way back in 2009 as a URL monetization service. It is among one of the first money making URL shortener services. Now, its almost 10 years have passed and internet has seen many changes during this long time. But the thing that has not changed during these years is,’s great service.

This network has managed itself according to time. During this decade it has seen many ups and downs in the market. But, with the time this network just continued to become stronger and stronger. Many URL shorteners came and perished but is still standing tall among all of them. This is one of the major reason why i love this URL shortener.

How To Make Money From ?

Its one of the simplest thing to do in this world. Making money from Adfly is way easier than making money from other things. To make money from Adfly, you just need to shorten your link with its URL shortener tool and then share it anywhere on the internet. You can share your link with your friends, colleagues, classmates, family etc. Whenever they click on your link, you get paid for it. Isn’t it simple ?

If you have never shorten any link in past then let me show you how to shorten links with ?

How To Shorten Links With Adfly ?

The first thing you need is a link/URL. So, let’s copy this page URL:

Now, visit

Here you can see a URL shortener tool. Just paste your link there and click on shrink button. See, you have got your pretty looking short link.

Now, you can share this link with your friends to make money from it. Go Ahead →, Wait, Wait !

I forgot to tell you one thing !

To make money from your links, you first need to register for an account on Adfly. Yes, you need an account, otherwise how would Adfly remember you ?. So, let’s first create an account with Adfly. Click the below signup button to create an account on

Now, as you have created an account with Adfly, so, it’s time to make some money. Short some of your links and share it with your friends to earn money.

As, now you have learned the skills of making money with Adfly. So, it’s time to give you some professional tips so that you can make some handy income from it. I wan’t you to take it professionally otherwise you will find it hard to make money from Adfly.

People just quit using such services just because they don’t know the correct way to make money from them. Don’t worry, you will not be one of those guys as i am here with you, to teach you and make you a master of URL shorteners. Just keep reading to learn some handy skills.

Pro Tips To Make Money From In 2019:

On other websites you may find people saying just share your links on social media websites, forums etc and see the magic. It’s simply not like that !. By doing these things you may lose your social media accounts.

Social media websites don’t like paid URL shortener links as people start spamming everywhere when they find such an easy way to make money. Then, what should i do ? 

I know this is the question that is popping up in your head right now ! So, let me give you some tips.

Method 1:

The first and the most simplest thing you can do is, you can create a free website. There are various free platforms like Blogger,WordPress, Weebly etc where you can create a free website. I am asking you to create a website just because if you create one then it will be your own property where you can share your links. Nobody will restrict you from sharing links there.

Now the next thing that you should keep in mind is, create a website where you share such things for which people are looking. Say, a movie downloading website or any file related website for which people can bear waiting for 5 seconds. This is just like people don’t mind pop ads on Porn Websites 😉 as they remain desperate to watch porn. Just take advantage of it.

Why do you share something for free ? Make money from your links. Its a much better idea than sharing stuffs for free. Additionally, when you own a website, even if it is free, you can place some banner or pop ads on it. Take advantage of people instinct and make most out of your website.

Such websites get huge traffic. This simply means more money for you. The more visitors you bring to your links the more you will be earning. It seems little tough but when you try it for a few days then things will start becoming much easier for you. In a long run, its a great idea.

Method 2:

If you still don’t find this way good for you then i am giving you the other way to make money out of your links. Just check some forums where people are looking for some stuff. Say some people on a forum are looking for a particular software and you know where it is available then simply short that link and share it on that forum. People will surely click those links as they need it desperately.

In case of new forums, admins don’t mind sharing such links if they are actually useful. So, you can keep searching for such user queries and answer them with your shorten link. But, make sure to provide useful links only otherwise forum admins will mark your comment as spam.

Method 3:

If you don’t like this method too, then i have another one for you. Look for some abandoned websites, specially which are created on blogger or other free platforms. Many a times it happen that some professional bloggers start their career with free blogs and leave their free blogs when they establish their own self hosted websites. But, the posts they create rank above in search results as they create them professionally.

I have seen many such free blogs where bloggers have left their comment section open to everybody. This means they don’t need moderation to publish a comment. If you comment on such websites, you comments will publish immediately.

In such websites look for user comments and find comments where people ask some questions. There you provide your answer with a shorten link. It may happen that the person who asked question will not return to that website. But, a question is a question. Here i mean to say, such questions can click on others mind too. So, there’s a high probability of getting clicks from such websites.

These methods may take a few of your days. But, these are the best ways to make money from URL shorteners. These methods have worked for me for years so i hope they will work for you too.

Some Things You Must Know About is a non-adult URL shortener website. This means you are not allowed to short your adult content links with it. Shortening your adult content links with Adfly may lead to a permanent account ban on it. So, avoid shortening adult content links on Adfly.

Adfly has a very low minimum payout limit of only 5$. This means you must earn at least 5$ to make a withdrawal from it.

On Adfly, 1st payment is made on monthly basis. After that all payments are processed within 24 hours of payment request. does this to test your traffic. Don’t worry, i am using Adfly for years and what i have noticed is, it has most liberal terms. pays its users via PayPal and Payoneer only. So, don’t forget create an account on these payment processors.

Apart from interstitial ads (5 second ads on intermediate pages), also offers Pop-up ads and Push ads. They have recently launched Push Ads. These ads have great potential so make sure to give them a try when you are ready. You just need to install a simple code on your website and you will be earning for lifetime from them. So, i would strongly recommend you to give them a try.

Make Some Additional Income From Adfly’s Referral Program:

Encourage your friends and colleagues to join to earn a great 20% referral commission. Even after being a popular URL shortener, likes promoting it. So, take advantage of this opportunity and promote Adfly to earn some extra bucks.

Not only users (publishers), even if you have advertiser friends then you can recommend them to promote their products on Adfly to earn a 5% referral commission on their spending. Don’t worry, your friends will not lose any money as Adfly gives commission to users from its own profit so don’t hesitate in promoting it. I am sure your friends will like it too. Payment Proof 2020: Payment Proof 2020 Payment Proof 2020

 Still Thinking To Join ? Start Making Money !


Adfly is one of the best paid URL shortener of all time. It pays its users on time. It offers high payout rates for all countries and it offers industry’s best tools to maximize your revenue. In addition to that it provides a great dedicated support. So, if you have any queries regarding their services then feel free to contact them, i am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Overall Adfly is a great URL shortener to use. I recommend everybody to give it a try before using any other URL shortener. Even if, it doesn’t work out for you then you can try some of its alternatives. I have already written an article on Adfly alternatives, so, if you are interested then you can read it by following the below link.


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